Creative concept for Intradura

How can you get smokers to consider a daily environmental problem?

Creatief concept voor Intradura

‘Don’t throw your cigarette butts on the ground.’ That’s not exactly a sexy message. Yet with a summer full of festivals coming up, Intradura wanted to create a sensitisation campaign around this theme. They even came up with an idea to offer smokers an alternative by handing out pocket ashtrays. But how can you motivate them to use those ashtrays effectively?

Creatief concept voor Intradura

Intradura brought in a little help from… Comith. The company had another campaign running about pollution, the North Sea campaign. Would it be possible to connect the two?

Creatief concept voor Intradura

OK, step 1: get their attention. We did this with a creative concept, a playful reference to the sea and the necessary stopping power. Step 2: motivate with arguments and copy that sticks. For this step, we referred to scientific research: one cigarette butt can contaminate 500 litres of water!

It was a successful combination. We developed this creative concept to include advertisements, posters, banners, flyers and a Facebook campaign.