Safe cycling awareness campaign

Belfius Insurance encourages businesses to adopt safe cycling policies

The government would like more people to take up cycling to ease congestion on our roads, and electric bicycles are set to play a big part in this revolution. Belfius Insurance and its subsidiary DVV welcome this initiative, but on the downside, they have noticed an increase in the number of bicycle accidents in the past few years. In response to this fact, the insurers launched an awareness campaign for businesses to increase the safety of cycling commuters.

Comith helped come up with a suitable concept and action plan for this project. We launched a website with four different versions, including a quiz to test and improve road safety knowledge among cyclists. The website allows businesses to request training sessions, and a toolbox with flyers, brochures, a newsletter and banners is also available. Comith takes care of the composition and delivery of these toolboxes. Using an audit form on the website, businesses can also test just how safe their cycling policies are.

Belfius is currently contacting businesses to spread the word about its initiative, and Comith is working on the next stage: an awareness campaign for drivers.

Sensibiliseringscampagne rond veilig fietsen