New brand identity for Dekerf

New logo exudes reliability and warmth

Dekerf is a strong brand in the insurance sector, with a highly professional image in its field. However, this wasn’t reflected in its communications: its logo looked dated, and there was a lack of consistency in the various documents it produced.

Comith was faced with a double challenge: firstly, we had to create a clear structure in the brand’s communications, and secondly, we needed to translate Dekerf’s professionalism into a suitable brand identity with a contemporary style and a human touch. We opted for lower-case lettering in the new logo to create a sense of accessibility. In terms of colours, we suggested a strong dark blue to exude reliability, with a friendly and cheerful orange accent.

We overhauled all stationary and brochures and developed templates tailored to customers for PowerPoint presentations, various forms and so on. Dekerf clearly appreciated its new brand identity: invitations to an event and a request to design a calendar soon followed!

logo_DEKERF_ColourScreen Shot 2017-10-18 at 13.41.33