Denaeyer project communication

Origami concept hints at past purpose

Manutan delivers everything you need for your office, warehouse or workshop. The company knows the power of direct mail, and it often makes last-minute decisions on sales actions.

Matexi is a property developer with several ongoing projects across Flanders. Most of its project communication is done internally, but for the Denaeyer site — a sizeable project in Willebroek — it sought an external partner. Matexi asked Comith to build a strong foundation for its communications on this project, and we were more than happy to accept the challenge!

We applied a two-part strategy: in the first phase, we focused on data collection. We devised an origami concept — the Denaeyer site may look lush and green at the moment, but it housed a paper factory in a previous life — and we developed a media plan within the budget limits set by Matexi. Our plan contained both print and online elements, centred on “Living with butterflies in your stomach” as a slogan.

In the second phase, we set out to attract as many people as possible to an open day. To do so, we developed a Denaeyer newspaper to be distributed as an insert in Het Nieuwsblad. Comith took care of everything, from copy to layout, printing and distribution. In addition, we called everyone who showed an interest during the first phase to personally invite them to the event.

The Denaeyer project communication was a test for Comith: if we managed to generate a successful response, more projects would follow. At the moment, we’re devoting all our efforts to the Het Laere project in Roeselare.

Project-communicatie Denaeyer